Forest of Dean & Wye Valley

About us

The first issue of the Forest Clarion came out in February 1996.

The cover of our inaugural issue featured a photograph of the Forest of Dean contingent of the West Gloucestershire Labour Party at the 10th Anniversary march on GCHQ in support of the Trade Unionists’ battle there for the restoration of basic trade union rights at the site.

In essence things haven’t changed: we’re still battling for rights and the struggle of decency writ large and for all, and we’re still against the values of New Labour.

In 2012 we will be printing our 100th issue.


The Clarion’s aims & objectives

The Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Clarion is produced by an open collective whose members share a number of ideals and beliefs which we attempt to communicate  through the content of our magazine.

These values are:-

  • We totally oppose policies and practices based on the notion that unfettered private enterprise and the pursuit of wealth are the motive forces in our society.
  • We support a collective view of our society, based on ideas of mutual responsibility, common ownership and public service.
  • Our idea of society is one in which people can work together for the common good, whether at nieghbourhood level or on a wider basis. This is an ideal that we equate with the aspirations of Socialism.
  • We press for a better deal for the people of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, as elsewhere, and try to reflect their aspirations and their history.
  • We support equality of opportunity in education, the elimination of unemployment, the right to organise at the work place, the protection and development of the NHS and the welfare state, the abolition of nuclear weapons, the protection of our environment and a society in which all can enjoy security in their lives.
  • Furthermore, we believe that change is only possible through open debate and exchange of ideas, in which all who share a common sense of purpose can take part.

Subscriptions to the Print Edition of The Clarion

A postal subscription costs £8 for one year (in the UK – please write or e-mail us for overseas posting) and donations are always welcome!

Please make all cheques payable to ‘The Forest Clarion’ and send to…

The Forest Clarion
5 Stanford Road
GL15 5HS

And we’re happy to forward GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS: just send us your desired lucky recipient and we’ll process them as a regular subscriber for you. Let us know if you don’t want us to mark their first posting as a gift from you. Send the usual subscription amount to the address above.


Feel free to use the Comments on this blog to reply or alternatively e-mail us or write to the address above.

Debate & communicate
  1. Am enjoying reading the Clarion blog.

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